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  • 26 Mar

    Provence: It's all about Rosé

    The South of France is synonymous with Rosé as this type of wine becomes increasingly more popular. For some people there is a stigma against this pink colored wine while others embrace it as the latest trend. The salmon colored wine has its own following and interesting enough it goes back in time to when the Greeks first introduced grape vines to an area in the South of France now known as Provence in about 600 BC. The French are the number one consumers of this wine, France is largest producer in the world and today Provence is the prime region where Rosé is created. It goes without saying that when Provence In The City 2015 came to Los Angeles it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Rosé as well as the other wines from this region.
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    20 Mar

    Rosé Rising: “Joie de Vivre, Bottled”


    Forget all those old notions about rosé wine—that it’s sugary-sweet, that it’s produced as an afterthought by mixing excess red and white grapes. Au contraire! This frequently misunderstood category stands on equal footing right alongside its red and white counterparts. In fact, today rosé accounts for some 30% of total wine consumption in France, where it was first crafted more than 2,000 years ago.
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  • 20 Mar

    Provence Winemakers Bring All Shades of Rosé to San Francisco

    Art and Entertain Me

    The 7th annual “Provence in the City” tour featured educational seminars and tasting events with French producers displaying the best Provençale wines in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco at the beginning of this month. While the seminars highlighted the diversity of the Provence region – the rosé heartland’s terroirs and wine styles – the walk-around tasting events featured gold standard rosés along with reds and whites.
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    16 Mar

    Boom Times for Provence Rosé Wine

    Rosé, that quintessential summer sipper from the south of France, is out to steal your heart. Fresh and aromatic, fruity yet dry, and stunningly beautiful in the glass, it lingers on the palate, evoking joie de vivre! 
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    15 Mar

    Fashionable Pink: Rosé Wine Is Conquering The World


    Rosé wine is no longer only a summer wine to be drunk on a sunny terrace, preferably in Provence. Rosé wine is actually the height of fashion. It is no longer looked down upon. It is trendy and the quality is so much better than it used to be. Of all wine regions in the world, Provence in southern France is probably the pinkest. 
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